Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Traveling, and an update

I wrote my last post about winning big with the lotto. My mom and I cashed in her winning ticket, and later that day we headed to the casino. We lost, but a woman who sat next to me won a little. She told me that the game we were playing (a nickel slot machine) hated her and that she never wins. I finished my money on my card and went to find my mom. A little while later, my mom was playing another machine, and I hear a bonus on the game I was playing earlier go off. I turn around to see the woman who told me she never wins. She ended up winning about $400 on that bonus. She laughed when she turned around to see me cheering her on, hoping she'd make the right choices when it came to winning. A few minutes later, she got another bonus, this time winning $700. She made me wish I wasn't done playing and could win a piece of the action too.

On to today's topic, traveling. I am planning to take a trip soon, and looked on-line at ticket prices. The place I wanted to go went down in price from the last time I checked, which was great. I booked my tickets and the husband reminded me that the plane leaves at 5:50, and I would need to get there 2 hours in advance. Being that early in the morning, I may be able to get there just one hour in advance, especially with only a carry-on and no baggage to be checked.

I haven't been on a plane since 2005. I would love to say that I will someday travel the world, but I will be happy just to travel to a lot of the United States. I am hoping to run a race in every state, whether it be a 5K or a 100-mile ultra. OK, I probably will never run 100 miles, but it's a possibility for a race.

Anybody reading this want to share a travel story? Whether it's about meeting 'the one', getting your luggage lost, or anything in between.

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