Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meeting Superman

It's a beautiful fall day today. Other than some crazy wind, it's a great day. Sweatshirt and pants weather, if you will. So Tristan and I went to the park. It's only a little walk for us, through the "woods path" and to an elementary school that has recently been closed.

Playing on the playground was none other than Superman. Not the best disguise, he wasn't wearing glasses, or anything other than a sweatshirt to cover his Superman outfit, cape, and huge muscles. Ok, so he was a little boy in costume, but he was Superman. And that is all that Tristan would call him. "Hey Superman, let's play!"

His mother was half-watching as she sat at the picnic table, and appeared to either be working or studying. She would look up every few minutes to make sure he was still there, but otherwise just kept doing what she was doing. At least she was smart and wore a hat, to keep her hair from blowing all over, unlike my hair that was covering my eyes, more so than usual.

Tristan was enthralled with Superman. He chased that little boy around; and made sure if he was going to a different part of the playground, he was going to tell Superman where he would be. They spent probably 15 minutes taking turns climbing up the little slide. As soon as one would get to the top, the other would slide down and then climb up again.

And then it happened, Superman pretended to hit his head and roll down the slide. I could tell he was fine, but Tristan thought it was hysterical. The laughter kept Superman running up the slide and rolling down into the mulch. His mother finally spoke, to tell me that he's a stunt double in the making. I could see this kid going far in the movie business, or as a professional 'wrestler' like The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I think my favorite part of playing alongside this boy was when he ran behind a tree, ripped off his sweatshirt, and became Superman. He seemed so confident and fun. I hope that Tristan can play with him again, if we meet up at the playground. I love little children in costumes, especially when it isn't yet Halloween.

For the parents reading, or children at heart, what is your favorite costume that you have worn or that your children have worn? Tristan is insisting on being a tiger, his costume is already finished. My only worry is that he will eat too much between now and then, and his costume won't fit very well. In that case, he'd be a ghost, which is the alternative costume he requested I make for him.

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