Monday, November 1, 2010

A slightly more upbeat post

Tomorrow is my son's 4th birthday. It's a bittersweet day for me, as are most of his birthdays. I am so happy that he's growing big and strong, but every year seems to be more of a reminder that he's not a baby anymore. I will probably be a blubbering mess when he turns 18 and we kick him out on the street. (Just kidding, we wouldn't kick him out.)

I was in labor for 26-27 hours with him. I went into labor Halloween night, 2006, at like 10:30pm. My water broke and my husband freaked out. He was running through the house like a chicken with his head cut off, trying to find the number for the hospital. I ended up waddling out to get it myself. I called, told them what was going on and they had him bring me in. He was so frazzled that he had to stop on the way to get cigarettes (no worries, he wasn't smoking in the car). People always get upset at that part, that he actually stopped on the way. You know what? it's better than him leaving, or me having to deal with him on nicotine withdrawls while I was in labor. Plus, I had a feeling that our son wasn't just going to fall out in the 2 minutes he was in the store.

We tried different things. The jacuzzi tub, walking, the shower, nothing seemed to speed things up. I got a few phone calls from people wondering if I had him yet, and my father-in-law even showed up on his lunch break. Finally, at about 11:30pm November 1st, I got the epidural and it was time to push. At 12:50am November 2nd, my son was born. It was a long labor, but totally worth it. In the past four years, he's brought a lot of happy memories to our family. The pictures posted are of the day he was born, and last night (Halloween).

Feel free to share labor stories about your own children in the comments.

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