Monday, November 1, 2010

Looking young and the problems it causes

This post may sound like I'm whining, just hear me out.

At the last house, I went to the same place for over 3 years to buy lotto tickets (either for myself or for my mom). Every time I went in, the cashier would ID me. One time I bought tickets out of the machine and she stopped me on the way out to ask for ID. I finally told her that she's IDed me probably 100+ times at that point, and I'm not getting any younger.

On Saturday night, I went to a Halloween party at a bar. At the door, I handed over the cover charge and my ID. The bouncer looked at my ID, back at me, and then back at the ID. He handed it back and told me, very matter-of-factly, that I could not come in. He said that it was not my ID and he would not allow me in. The people I went with were dumbfounded and asked if they could bring me home and then come back, as they already paid.

I went home and my brother picked me up to go back to the same bar and try again. I grabbed a credit card and my birth certificate as well. I handed him my ID and he told me again that I could not come in. I told him that I brought my credit card, and that he said if I had one on me, I could get in. That was a half truth, because he told me that, but also said if I left he wouldn't let me in the next time either, credit card or not. My brother and I requested to see the owner and he called over the other guy taking money. The guy looked at my pile of ID, asked my address and birthday. My brother stepped in with "I'm her brother, here's my ID, my military ID..." and they agreed to let me in finally.

I understand that, on a regular basis, I look to be about 16 years old. But when presented with ID, I haven't been questioned before. I don't really know what was with that particular bouncer, but it was embarrassing to be put through that. The picture I have added was how I looked when I went out. It is my "scary zombie" face.

Other people asked why I didn't just go home and give up the first time. Well, I had plans with people and I knew they would have felt bad if I didn't make it inside (as the ride home with them consisted of them apologizing multiple times for me not getting in). Also, as a wife and mother, I don't really get time out to just be me.

For those who don't know, I am 23 years old. I constantly get asked how old I am though, especially with my son. I ran a race recently with a friend and when we were getting to the end of the race, somebody yelled out to ask if we were a mother/daughter team. I know I will enjoy looking young when I get older, but right now it's a pain right in the butt.

Feel free to share any stories about not looking your age in the comment section.

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