Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holidays and drama

It always seems like family drama comes with the holidays. This year, I may have started it. I made a joke that a lot of the people in the family would have laughed off, but this person just completely flipped out. It was quite ridiculous.

Of course, it became a pity party for her and I became the monster in the situation. It doesn't matter what this person has done, one comment made me the monster. But anyways. Why does it seem like any time family gets together, there's an argument about something? It can't just be my family, I've seen it happen in a lot of other families as well.

On of my aunts brought up that we should just try to get along, since it's the holidays. Makes sense, but you can't just play nice during the holidays and then fight during the rest of the year. I prefer to go with ignoring people unless they insist on talking to me.

What do you do during the holidays when you're forced to be around family members that you'd choose not to see? Do you just resist going to family functions, or how does it work for you?

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